About us

Music production and voice-over services:

We have a fully equipped modern music studio which can accommodate from a single musician up to a band or a choir and get the best quality for their songs. Our Music producers have been producing with the cream`de`la`cream of the music industry and are committed to sailing you to stardom with the best mixes in town that every radio station and music show will be scrambling for. We also provide Voice Over services for all your voice and Radio commercials be it for animation, radio drama or lip syncing services

Animations and graphic design:

Animations for TV, indoor and outdoor advertising audio-visual billboards,

Animations for film trailers/montages,
Animations for use in educational institutions to enhance learning resources,
Graphic design for logos and other forms of iconography,

Consulting Services:

We offer support/consultancy services for films and general media projects, training of film practitioners in financial and operations management, location and talent scouting for foreign and local filmmakers and publishing.

We are the Global Oak

Global Oak Media Solutions is fully equipped to handle any project with an extra professional input be it:

Concept/ Script development.

Location scouting.

Talent and crew management.

Equipment hire/ rental.

Directing, lighting and continuity.

Post-production services.

Commercials for TV and other Audio-Visual Advertising Platforms

Documentaries: At Global Oak Media Solutions we will handle the production of your documentary with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.